Machine labelling

guarantees your products’ top quality and more…

Machine labelling

guarantees your products’ top quality and more…

Why are labelers worth using?


Automation of production is one of the simplest methods to reduce the costs of packages.


Labelling packages on your own significantly reduces the time it takes for the product to reach the market.


Machine label application guarantees proper glue activation and process repeatability.


Unilogo is also a producer of labelling machines

learn more about  some of our most popular models.


semi-automatic labeler, perfect for short product ranges and frequent format changes. Its construction makes it a very versatile and economic tool which labels various types of packages.

Types of packages: tubes, flat and cylindrical packages

Duo Roto

automated tool for two-sided labeling of flat, elliptical and round packages. It works with paper, foil (transparent and metalized) labels.

Types of packages: flat and cylindrical packages


rotary labeler with 200 units/min. capacity allowing for decoration of packages with complicated shapes. Application of up to 4 labels in a cycle, in any spot on the package surface.

Types of packages: flat and cylindrical packages, irregular shapes

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