Case Study – Elena – Mix Chips

Case Study – Elena Mix Chips

Do you want to pack your product in sachets? Are you interested in photo-quality printing, and the highest standard of packaging

and are you planning to place orders in small batches at the same time? Check our method.

Facing the problem of the creation of foil packaging for own product (bags, sachets, doypack packaging) you have in general the choice of two solutions.
The first is the order of the pre-printed foil and the production of sachets from such foil on own machines or by a company that specializes in this.
This solution, however, has its disadvantages, it is difficult in this way to order a small batch of packaging.
Different companies have different policies on this issue.
The minimum quantity is specified in meters of overprinting,
kilograms of raw material or simply in quantity of produced packaging.
As an average ” minimum” /”minimalka”/ it can be assumed the quantity of about 50 000 pieces.

But there exists another possibility recommended by us.
It consists in the order, from a manufacturer, of finished (welded) packaging which however does not have overprinting.
This can be done, for example, in the online store, which has in its offer dozens of types of packaging,
among others:
• standard doypacks,
• doypacks with cork,
• doypacks with string,
• stabilo bags,
• bottom bags.
In the shop there are dozens of products made of different materials. The customer can buy there, among others, the packaging:
• transparent packaging – showing a product,
• metallized packaging- glamorous,
• standard white packaging – opaque.

There also exists the possibility of buying bags and sachets made from special paper laminated with foil or from several foil layers.

Then we can successfully stick labels on such packages. Properly selected material will allow us to safely decorate the packaging, but also to preserve its aesthetics.
By selecting the foil based on PE, we are sure that labels will be permanently adhered to even partially spherical surfaces of the packaging.
Self-adhesive labels of this type can be overprinted digitally on HP machines in the space CMYK or CMYKOV which provides a full range of colours.
They may also have a layer of opaque white. By using the digital technology we are able to present the mock-up of such packaging within a few days from receipt of the draft.
Its cost will be minimal and the appearance consistent in one hundred percent with the target effect.

Machine labelling

Investment in quality. More time for pleasure. Cheaper than you think

How to print self-adhesive labels for the alcohol sector?

Great designs do not always automatically translate into eye-catching labels. The end result is created by the entire process of printing the bottle self-adhesive labels, whether it’s specialty printing or bottle shape challenges.

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