Realizations: Coca-Cola “Extraordinary Collection”

Case Study – Coca-Cola “Extraordinary Collection”

What if someone wants to produce 2 million packages, each unique and with a different print design?

Coca-Cola Israel has prepared an exciting surprise for its fans. 2 million units of collectible and unique packages  have made their way to the market. The term “limited edition” takes on a whole different meaning here, as each bottle has a unique print. Of course, making so many individual designs so that each sold diet Coca Cola is different, even if it were possible, would surely be very costly time-consuming.

There is, however, a simpler solution that limits the graphic designers’ work to creating a few to over a dozen basic designs which are then processed by special software, automatically prepared for printing and produced using digital technology. Thanks to the fact digital printing allows us to put out any number of designs/patterns/projects, fulfillment of such an order poses no problem. Naturally, the Coca-Cola campaign does not only include packages, but also TV commercials, posts, billboards and gadgets with one common feature – each unit being unique.

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