Realizations: Coca-Cola

Case Study – Coca-Cola

Today we would like to tell you about custom “wrap around” labels. They are manufactured from BOPP foil and often used for wrapping soda bottles. The ones we refer to here, however, were special: they became a component of the Coca-Cola Company’s marketing campaign called “Share the happiness”.

The idea was to replace the letters “Coca-Cola” with names most popular in a given country. In Poland, about 150 names, borne by almost 90 percent of people aged 12 to 29, were selected. It is the so-called target group which the company’s products are aimed at. Apart from names, popular expressions like “honey”, “buddy, “champ” also appeared on the packages. A part of each label was made by use of the classical printing technique – rotogravure, using physical printing chases. Rotogravure printing – also known as gravure printing – is widely used for large amounts of magazines and packages. However, it had been decided that the names themselves would be printed on the labels digitally, using HP Indigo machines.

Thanks to perfect selection of colors, the procedure was completely invisible at first glance, and the customization possibilities that came with the use of digital technology allowed for random printing of names in proportions consistent with the frequency of their occurrence. It saved much work and time which had to be spent “mixing” bottles from individual batches. The “Share the happiness” promotional campaign organized by the Coca-Cola company  turned out to be very effective. The consumers were given a known and well-liked product in a novel, refreshed form.

  • chemistry
  • adhesive label
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hp Indigo
  • PPE Silver foil – base
  • MAT foil – refinement

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