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The power of personalisation

A trend for personalised gifts is still strong and growing. Initially, various wording on labels made the packaging unique, as in case of Coca-Cola. With hundreds of product versions on the market, customers were able to choose their own and unique bottle.

Ferrero made a similar move: as a value added to their product, they let the customers create a label with the customer’s name or phrase.

personalised packaging Unilogo for Nutella

We absolutely agree that most consumers decide to buy the product when they stand in front of the shelf, making that decision within those several crucial seconds. A unique and intriguing label contributes to the selling success of the brand.

How to create millions of unique labels without hiring a graphic designer?

Known for their expressive nature, Italians went a step further. They decided to present their personal features on the Nutella Unica limited series packaging. This time, instead of focusing on verbal messages printed on labels, a campaign was run to manufacture 7 million unique packaging, each different from the other. What is interesting, sleeve labels for such packaging were created without involvement of a team of graphic designers.

The concept was based on the algorithm, which out of several designs and thousands of colour combinations generated millions of unique labels, thanks to features of HP Indigo printing machines. As a result, massive customer involvement was generated, positive brand associations were strengthened and relations were tightened.

personalised packaging Unilogo for Nutella 3


7m promo jars sold in a month. Users with a unique version of the product they liked were willing to present them as gifts to each other, shared photos in social media and even created collections which they displayed online.

personalised packaging Unilogo for Nutella 2

Machine labelling

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