Cartons and boxes

Solid board packages for packaging cosmetics, food products, electronics and many others. Available in many sizes and shapes, creased and cut by use of blanking dies. Supplied flat or glued, ready for use.

Cartons and boxes

Solid board, commonly called cardboard, is a nearly perfect material. In the hands of a skilled designer and in combination with today’s technological possibilities, it gives nearly limitless possibilities.

Cardboard cartons and boxes are flexible, as well as adequately hard and tough. Cardboard can be bent/creased, formed into fancy shapes, subjected to complicated treatment, have its texture, appearance, color and even smell changed. The fact that cardboard is an ecological material is also very important!

Solid board is also a very versatile raw material. It is used for production of simple food packages and elegant, complicated packages for cosmetics, as well as durable and practical cartons for industrial applications.

Types of raw materials

Package production is based on three basic groups of materials:

  • White solid board, the most popular material. Virtually every food package producer uses it. It is available in many different shades and weights. The basic raw material used in our printing house is Invercote 330 g/m² manufactured by the Iggesund company.
  • Metalized solid board, raw material whose basis is the above-mentioned Invercote 330 g/m, but it is additionally coated with a layer of metalized PE foil. Using this type of raw material and the digital printing technology offering a CMYK + White color scheme allows for very interesting results and many metalized colors, without sacrificing design legibility.
  • Transparent raw materials made of APET and RPET for production of boxes. Using these materials allows for combining the features of cardboard packages – ease of transportation, storage and usage – with aesthetic values of plastic packages. To put it simply, it is “synthetic transparent cardboard” which allows for easy production of transparent boxes without using presses or injection molding machines.

Additional options

A producer of cardboard packages can raise their attractiveness further by using additional options, such as:

  • UV light-fixed varnishing,
  • water varnishing,
  • functional varnishing (allows for later overprint),
  • HS or CS gilding,
  • lamination,
  • embossing,
  • using additional colors from the Pantone palette,


Like all packages produced at Unilogo Digital Printing, cardboard cartons and boxes can also be made on demand in minimal quantities – even one unit. An excellent example is a promotional campaign of the “Wedel” brand called Create Your Own Chocolate Covered Marshmallows! On the website it was possible to create a design of a unique package for the sweets, and order it delivered directly to your house. Each printed package is different, more on that promotional campaign can be found in the “Knowledge base” tab.

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