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It is very important to make the manufactured product look attractive and speak to the clients’ tastes. Selecting the right package has a direct impact on the success of the product’s subsequent sale. Making the final decision about an order is a lot simpler when the package project is in a model form you can touch, not just digital visualization on computer screen.

Sample version of a package

Unilogo Digital Printing makes prototypes of packages, so-called mockups which are used for marketing purposes. We not only print, but also produce prepared sets. It is about providing the client with the final product. We give much attention to making the mockups as close to the proper final product as possible.

A mockup allows the marketing department employees to evaluate the project and implement possible corrections before carrying out the entire order. Depending on the needs, it is possible to make any number of samples which can be used for market research, external shows, company presentations or during trade fairs.

Used technologies

Modern machinery and wide selection of available substrates make our mockups almost perfect copies of the products from store shelves. Utilization of advanced HP Indigo technology allows for printing on materials with different thickness – from thin foils (e.g. 12-micron OPP) to very thick materials (e.g. solid board). Moreover, using 3D printing (for instance, in the befriended company allows for making a few to over a dozen prototypes of complete products, not just the packages. We pay particular attention to making our packages not only look good, but also maintain proper mechanics, structure and weight.

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