Printed foil laminates intended for packaging cosmetics, paints, chemical agents and small items. Top quality raw materials available in small amounts and compatible with automated packaging machines.


Sachets, pouches and doypack bags are popular packages made of soft laminate. They are very often used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Foil packages have the advantage of being excellent for both loose and liquid goods. Importantly, such packages can perform not only the traditional distribution role, but also advertising one, e.g. thanks to utilization of multilayered foil with increased durability, they can be used as “press inserts”.

It is important for the package to efficiently protect the product from drying, migration, loss of freshness or aroma. Materials with different numbers of layers are used for package production. Two-, three-, four- and even five-layered laminates are available. Individual layers are often varied by construction and weight. Depending on the needs, they can be composed of polyethylene, aluminum and polyester in different combinations and proportions. It makes a prepared sachet not only durable and functional, but also aesthetic.

Unilogo Digital Printing specializes in production of foil packages. We use raw materials supplied by companies like LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH, Amcor, Safta or Avery Dennison. During the production process, we put print on the packages by use of digital technology. Next – depending on the client’s decision – we varnish them by use of flexo UV technology or laminate them. The finished product, cut into individual webs, is supplied in rolls to the client.



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