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Preflight is a modern function of automated production systems in printing houses. This solution allows the system to automatically check the consistence of graphical files supplied by the client with specification and notifies about detected errors. Using this software allows for the best standard of printing.

The files uploaded to the system are checked automatically (except .cdr and .zip files). The programme checks parameters like the resolution, work, font size and cutting lines.

If the file is not positively verified, the system automatically halts task execution and sends an e-mail with an error status report. Once the problem has been resolved, production is resumed.

Completion of the document verification process with a positive outcome will result in the Preflight action automatically creating two files: a sample file for the Client to review and a production file ready for print. The Client can then approve the sample file resulting in the automatic start of the printing process – or reject it. If the Client rejects the file, the order will be stopped and redirected for correction.

Thanks to this solution, we can be sure that we only print from the highest quality graphic designs.

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