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Your face on a Lay’s bag of chips

Would you like to see your face on a bag of chips? Lay’s makes that possible…

Lay’s is celebrating the arrival of summer with a campaign in social media. Consumers can upload photos of themselves, their dogs or anything else to an interactive tool called  Lay’s Summer Bag Creator.

The first 10 000 chip enthusiasts to do it will receive a real bag of chips with a photo and signature printed on it. The rest will receive a digital version of their personalized bag which they can then share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

– The “Lay’s Summer Days” promotion is a way to celebrate our fans and the season by personalizing the relations with the brand in a funny, unique way – said Tina Mahal, senior marketing director at Frito-Lay, producer of Lay’s chips and Pepsi subsidiary.

The promotion will last until the 4th of July and also includes other summer-themed packages. Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos and other Frito-Lay chips will be sold in packages with a hidden image appearing under direct sunlight.

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