Offer. What kind of products does Unilogo Digital Printing provide?

The UDP printing house produces adhesive labels, solid board packages (cartons), sachet laminates and heat shrink sleeves We specialize in production of top quality packages by use of HP Indigo digital printing technology.

Proofs. Will sample prints be made before realization of an order?

Sample print is the first stage of every job and is made free-of-charge. We recommend our clients to order sample prints for every new project before ordering materials in the intended amount.

Raw materials. What kinds of raw materials are used at Unilogo Digital Printing?

Unilogo Digital Printing has over 200 raw material combinations included in the standing offer. In case of labels alone, those materials will be varied by not only what they are made of (paper/foil), but also by their properties and color (white/transparent/metalized materials). If you are not sure as to what raw material to pick for your package, you can always contact one of our resellers or ask for a set of samples.

Enrichments. What types of enrichments does Unilogo Digital Printing offer?

The basic finish offered by UDP is UV varnishing available in varieties of gloss, matt or varnish for further overprint. The most frequently chosen option is lamination which entails securing the print with an additional layer of foil. Additional options include HS and CS gilding, flexo selective varnishing and embossing. If you need information on custom enrichments, you can always ask one of our resellers for help (they could know).

Costs. What comprises the final order value?

All the tools needed for realization of your order should be listed in the offer under the cost of packages themselves. Additional costs may include blanking dies, HS matrices and flexo chases whose cost is not constant, but you can always check it in the offer or confirmation of order acceptance. The shipping cost in Poland is included in the price. Remember – we never add any additional costs you were not informed about and did not approve.

Completion terms. What is the time of waiting for ordered materials?

The time of delivery counts from the moment of accepting the supplied sample print and submitting a signed copy to the office of Unilogo Digital Printing, and – in case of the first three orders – issuing a payment on the basis of the submitted document. If the acceptance and payment arrive at Unilogo Digital Printing on a given day before 9.00 AM, the day is included in the order implementation time. However, if one or two of these actions are done after 9.00 AM, the implementation time is moved by 1 working day.

Stages of order completion. Realization of an order can be divided into three basic stages:

  • Correspondence and agreeing on the details of a given job: clients usually receive a reply to their question within 24 hours. The submitted offer includes information on the costs and technical details of the product we propose.
  • Sample prints: the term of making sample prints in our printing house is a maximum of 3 working days from the time of submitting the graphical materials consistent with requirements described in the General Sale Conditions included in every valuation.
  • Production: the completion term of an entire order is a maximum 5 working days from the time of submitting an accepted sample print and making a payment, if it is one of the first three orders at Unilogo Digital Printing.


As a standard, invoices as available digitally, a paper invoice can also be included in the shipment on the client’s explicit demand, or we can send it in a separate mail package to an indicated address.

Payment terms.

The first three orders are realized after prepayment, and then the payment term is automatically postponed for 14 days.

RGB color scheme.

RGB is a color gamut used in digital media in monitors, scanners or cameras. In digital printing technology, colors are acquired in a different manner – by mixing four (CMYK) or seven (CMYKOV) basic colors. That is why files submitted to the printing house should be prepared in the color gamut of CMYK or Pantone.

Pantone color scheme.

Digital print in a color scheme other than CMYK / CMYKOV is possible, but the fact they are special colors might increase the cost of order realization. In practice, over 90% of Pantone colors are reproducible in the CMYKOV gamut, and designs printed using this method make up nearly 100% of our production.

How to prepare files for printing?.

  • One label saved in one file – clearly described (clear name of each file consistent with the name on the order).
  • Files saved as composite PDF files.
  • In case of labels, no blanking die outline in the project or a blanking die defined as “blanking die” special color (possible registration marks outside the net area).
  • All texts replaced with italic.
  • PDF page format is the gross format of a label/package, i.e. the size of a label/package plus minimum 1,5 mm bleeds on each side (centered design in the file).
  • Graphical elements to be within the area of a label/package moved from the edge by at least 1.5 mm.

Sending files.

Files can be sent as an e-mail attachment or uploaded to an FTP server. Clients can receive a free access to our printing house’s FTP server, view and edit only their own files while using it.

File checking.

In order to send files for assessment, please send information to our address [email protected]

Shipments abroad.

The cost of shipments abroad is calculated on an individual basis, and the final price depends on the place of delivery and weight of the mail package.


As a standard, deliveries are carried out by the UPS company. There is also a possibility to carry out a delivery by means of other courier companies or by organizing direct transport.

Delivery cost.

The cost of material delivery to a single place in Poland in included in the price, if the offer does not state otherwise, the amount contained within it includes the delivery cost.

Print technologies.

All designs printed at Unilogo Digital Printing are made on WS6800-series digital HP Indigo machines.


Packages made in our printing house can be additionally enriched by UV or water varnishing, lamination, HS or CS gilding and embossing.

Raw materials.

We are able to reduce and process all raw materials available on a roll with a width of 340 mm and a thickness from 30 microns to 400 microns. Our standard offer includes many raw materials with glue for production of adhesive labels, heat shrink foils, non-adhesive BOPP foils for label production, cardboards for box production and laminates for production of soft packages like pouches or sachets.

Filing a complaint.

Complaints should be submitted in writing at our company’s customer service department, using the e-mail address [email protected]

Terms of complaint handling.

The time of handling a complaint is a maximum of 14 days from the date of returning the defective products to Unilogo Digital Printing. We try to handle most complaints on the first day from the time of receiving information and having the merchandise returned. At times, for reasons beyond our control, handling a complaint requires consultation or performing additional tests, therefore handling it might take more time. If it happens in case of your complaint, you will be informed about it by e-mail.