Coffee Sales Surge by 400% Thanks to Packaging Printing Technology Switch – How Was This Even Possible?

Brazil usually heads the list of countries associated with the best tasting coffee.

An interesting conclusion was reached by the marketing department of one of the leading coffee bean producers for brewing a “short black” from this very region. The research commissioned by Cafe Pele showed that consumers prefer coffee prepared in a cafe to home prepared coffee for one simple reason – because they assume that coffee from a cafe is fresher.

The pre-packaged coffee sold in supermarkets is considered to stand on shop shelves for a long time making it lose its aroma and simply inferior in quality.

The mentioned marketing department threw down an ambitious challenge for itself and decided to change consumer associations to effectively and unequivocally communicate the freshness of a product by wrapping it up in “today’s newspaper”.

wydanie gazety

Curious as to how they managed to pull it off? The local printers with HP Indigo digital presses got involved and the whole process looked like roughly this:

For the requirements of the conducted promotional campaign, completely new packaging was designed depicting… the current issue of the O Estade De S. Paulo daily. HP Indigo and hermetic packaging enabled the cover replication process to take place almost simultaneously with the printing of the press. This is how they managed to distribute 2.5 tonnes (sic!) of coffee to the local community and local shops.


The campaign creators were set on communicating that the frequent supply of coffee ensures that it is precisely fresh and aromatic coffee that reaches the final users and not coffee that has been held in warehouses for weeks or months on end.

The effects of using HP Indigo digital colour printing technology in numbers:

By way of conclusion, the campaign gave rise to an extraordinary 400% leap in sales. As for Facebook engagement, there were over 1,000 interactions which, if translated into figures, this free ad was worth $115,000. These numbers speak for themselves.

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