Labelling of small ampoules

Did you know that cosmetics put in pharmaceutical packages – especially small vials or ampoules – appear more reliable to customers? Positive association is instant and clear.

Unfortunately, labelling such ampoules can be a challenge. Some even claim that is it impossible to put labels on packages that small (with a diameter of several millimeters). Do not believe that!

This kind of packages can be decorated with adhesive labels, overprinted using various methods. They can include gilding and have the „no label look” effect (transparent laboratory labels which are invisible – as if the letters were directly on the package). Selecting the right materials impacts the correctness of cosmetics ampoules’ labelling process. The properties of glue, paper or foil outer layer thickness and even printing direction are all very important. In order to assure high quality and proper appearance, an appropriate method of putting labels on the vials must be used. A machine which greatly improves labelling of pharmaceutical and cosmetics ampoules might be of help here.

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