“REFER US and save 10%” promotion rules

We have the utmost confidence in the quality of our services which is we we’d like to give our loyal Customers who are our trusted ambassadors, a token of our appreciation!


The terms and conditions of participation in this Promotion have been set out below. Make sure you don’t miss out!


Rules and Regulations


1. These Rules and Regulations define the rules and regulations governing the Promotion organised by Unilogo Digital Printing (Promoter) with its registered office in Piaseczno.

2. The Promotion is available to Clients who meet all 3 of the conditions outlined below:

a. They have, at any one time, submitted an order with the Promoter for at least one of the following services: printing of self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, doypacks or mockups.

b. The submitted order was paid in full based on a pro forma invoice or VAT invoice.

c. The Promoter acquires a New Client within the timeframe specified in Point 4 as a result of the actions undertaken by the Client.

3. The term “New Client” means a company that has not never previously used the chargeable services of the Promoter, and that will place an order and make a timely payment for the printing of self-adhesive labels or shrink sleeves within the timeframe specified in Point 4. Moreover, the mentioned New Client must have no family ties to the Client, no company ties to the Client, and not be acting on behalf of the Client. When placing the order, the New Client must clearly state the Client who made the referral.

4. This Promotion runs from 23rd January 2019 to 31st March 2019 or until it is officially terminated.

5. The object of the Promotion is a 10% discount off the next order for printing self-adhesive labels or shrink sleeves made with the Promoter. The discount will be granted to a Client who meets the terms and conditions laid down in Point 2, and who helps bring in a New Client defined in Point 3. The discount applies to the NET value only.

6. Discounts are not cumulative, which means that if a Client helps bring in several New Clients, the said Client will get a 10% discount for the number of orders as the New Clients who have met the terms and conditions laid down in Point 3.

7. Please note that the Promotion only applies to printing self-adhesive labels or shrink sleeves, and does not apply to the purchase of punchers, templates or other chargeable services rendered by the DTP operator.

8. The Promoter reserves the right to amend or terminate the Promotion without stating the reasons, by posting updated Rules and Regulations on its website.



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