Self-adhesive labels for wine bottles. What to pay attention to when printing according to the Kędrów Vineyard

The increase in the number of vineyards on native land (as of 2019 it is about 500 registered points) generates the need to meet the requirements of this market segment. We are talking about the raw material's resistance to moisture, to which the beverage is exposed during cooling or the possibility of refining.

Lukasz, the founder of the Kędrów Vineyard, shared with us his story and the path that led him to our printing house.

Information about the Kędrów Vineyard

The Kędrów Vineyard is located in Faliszowice and occupies about 2 hectares of land. Among the cultivated crops, varieties for white wines (including Riesling and Solaris) prevail. In the case of red wines, on the other hand, these are regent and Zweigelt. The year 2017 was marked by the registration of the Kędra Vineyard, and the wines from the said year are the first to finally go on sale.

self-adhesive wine label

Where did the idea for a vineyard come from?

Around 2007-2008 I met a winemaker who invited me to a tasting in his winery. Later I came across the Wine Days organized once a year in Jasło, which are the oldest thematic event of this kind in Poland. I guess I could point to these events as the nucleus of the new adventure.

Besides, my boss at that time was an enthusiast of wines from all over the world and we often visited wineries from different corners. I remember the visits to vineyards in California and South Africa best - I felt the positive vibrations coming from those places. 

I am a farmer by trade, so contact with nature and harvesting with my own hands are very close to me. On the inherited land of my grandparents in 2011, I planted around 400 vines as a test. The result of this experiment were two white dry wines. The encouraging experience was that they were awarded two medals at the Jasło Days. 

medals for the Kędrów Vineyard, photo source

How did the idea for a wine label come about?

During my visit to South Africa, I remember the posters promoting Cape Town. The graphic motifs referred to the characteristic features of the city - its architecture, animals and vines. I later found this poster on Pinterest - it was this design that inspired my wine labels. I wanted to create something that would be a reflection of the features associated with Sandomierz.

self-adhesive wine label


Were you immediately determined to use a particular raw material - paper verge?

Definitely not. The previous label printer didn't quite meet my expectations. I kept the labelled bottles in the basement, where it was not completely dry. As a result, the labels faded, lost their sharpness and with it the pigment. 

Did the free trial print of the label help in any way?

Of course! The noncommittal possibility to test the wine label in natural conditions was a pleasant surprise. Not every label printer offers this option. 

How do you rate the service and delivery time?

The whole label printing process went smoothly and the 4-day lead time is really customer-friendly.

wine bottle labels

Self-adhesive labels for vineyards - tips

When designing wine labels, it is important to remember the basic information that has to be included in them, i.e.:

  • alcohol category (in this case wine)
  • capacity
  • percentage of alcohol
  • manufacturer's indication
  • information on sulphite content
  • series number.

This is about it from the point of legal regulations. 

If we are talking about preparing label files for printing, we must also remember the basic guidelines. These include, among others:

  • the conversion of all texts into curves
  • taking into account the bleeds (min. 1.5 mm on each side)
  • files saved as composite PDFs.

For full information go HERE

Printing self-adhesive labels for vineyards in Unilogo

We know that all beginnings are hard. That is why we try to make the adventure with self-adhesive labels as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Our digital label printer offers the possibility to print from 1 copy in 4 working days. A multitude of raw materials and refinements will certainly make it possible to produce the right label. If you want to learn more about trial prints please contact us.

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