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WorldFood Poland Fair is one of the most important events dedicated to the food sector in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Manufacturers from the food market have a chance to learn about industry innovations here.It is not only a path to establish new business contacts, but also to expand product distribution and discover trends. Check out what we have prepared for this meeting with leaders from the food market!

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Worldfood Fair is a space to establish new business relationships

The WorldFood Poland Trade Fair is a key event for food industry leaders, providing a space to showcase innovative products and attract new suppliers.

The event is a platform to observe and follow the latest trends in the industry, including increased interest in products of the dietary supplement or organic food types.

The fair provides the opportunity to meet with experts, access to thematic areas and panel discussions with representatives of government agencies, which fosters the exchange of knowledge and the creation of a positive corporate image in the food industry.


Benefits of participating in the WorldFood Poland trade fair

The WorldFood Poland trade fair is a true business center for everyone connected with the food industry. This event offers a wide range of opportunities for those who want to promote their products, attract new suppliers and establish new business relationships. It is also an excellent opportunity to present the theme of the company's products, which allows for effective promotion and image building in the market.

The 2024 Expo XXI Center features:

- 350 exhibitors,

- 45 companies from abroad,

- 40 debates and lectures by well-known industry experts and market analysts.

As you can see, it's a meeting of the entire food industry that allows not only to attract new suppliers, but also to help promote new products. It's also a chance to identify new opportunities and learn about trends shaping the future of the industry.

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Unilogo Digital Printing for self-adhesive labels at WorldFood fair
The WorldFood Poland trade fair brings together representatives of the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. It is a space conducive to integration and discussion of the food market. 

It is worth remembering that it is not only a place for business meetings, but also a place to observe and follow the latest trends in the food industry. Such events are also a great opportunity to research the market and attend industry speakers.

As a digital label printing company, Unilogo Digital Printing, we joined the exhibitors this year at booth E32 in Hall 1. 

The Food Fair at the Expo Center allowed us to present our capabilities and print enhancements. As the first digital printer of self-adhesive labels on rolls in Poland, we are constantly looking for new opportunities in the context of maintaining our competitiveness in the market.


Printing labels for dietary supplements and food products

The WorldFood Poland trade fair presents cutting-edge technologies for food production, packaging and distribution. They allow you to deepen your knowledge of industry services and products.

We tried to maximize the potential of these 3 days of WorldFood fair. From April 16 to 18 at the Expo XXI Center in Warsaw at booth E32 in hall 1 we had the opportunity to present the advantages of digital printing technology. 

etykiety spożywcze

Label fan-deck for the food industry

As industry experts, we have prepared a dedicated set of product label inspirations for WorldFood Poland.

We have developed:

- labels for supplements, 

- labels for spices,

- labels for coffee,

- labels for food products,

- labels for beers.

Also check out how labels for the liquor industry should be printed.

We wanted individual designs to showcase our label finishing capabilities. A group of owners of well-known brands, directors of various specialties and label designers benefited from the presented templates. The space for casual conversations is a huge potential of stationary fairs such as WorldFood Poland.

One of the sample projects included coffee labels. The following realization was printed on rPe TopWhite material, which consists of 1/3 recycled material. 

etykieta na kawę

Labels for dietary supplements

Packaging for dietary supplements or other products serves more than just an informational function. In addition to the composition and suggested method of consumption, it is also important that the label for a supplement, food product, coffee or alcohol is in line with consumer tastes. The use of specific enhancements will also be helpful in distinguishing the product on the store shelf.

As part of the proposed set, we have prepared various versions of labels for dietary supplements. 

The following example shows a label for a supplement on metallized film. Skillful use of the properties of this material makes it possible to bring out the metallic effect of any color (except white and black). In combination with a matte laminate, the label acquires a premium character, which can be used as one of the elements of building a competitive advantage and can ultimately also increase product sales.

etykiety na suplementy diety


What's more, in this project we also decided to add a digital 3D UV varnish. This gave the label a "texture" on a surface printed in white.

To sum up - our presence at WorldFood Poland created an opportunity for us to solicit customer feedback on their expectations in the context of packaging and labels in food production. Discussing current issues, the opportunity to freely conduct industry meetings with international partners - all this was just a fraction of the benefits of the WorldFood Poland fair.

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