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Luxurious cream. Label or print on the jar?

Have you noticed that the method of packaging the most luxurious of creams has changed recently? Just two years ago, beauty products were mainly packaged in jars with direct imprint, while tailored adhesive labels were only used for cheaper products.

But printing techniques are constantly changing, and printing houses include more and more options in their offers. Today, labels for cosmetics can be ordered even in very low amounts without a significant increase in price per unit.

It sometimes happens that a portion of prepared packages is unneeded and has to be thrown away. Even though there are imprints on them which were not cheap – this money cannot be recovered. Therefore, certain manufacturers have concluded that it is simply not profitable, even in case of expensive products. Labels are cheaper than imprints on the package, take up less storage space, are easier to transport…

But there is a problem here: sometimes the package surface is too convex for it to be able to hold a big enough label. Wrongly selected label shape and material sometimes cause the label to start peeling off.

But rest easy, we have a solution. We were able to design a shape of blanking die which is big enough, but labels cut out using it do not peel off on their own. The best material is thin polythene foil (PE). Many producers make it, we decided to go with Evolution foil with thickness of 60 microns – which makes it more transparent and flexible than conventional polyethylene, and that allows us to put labels even on packages with more difficult shapes. Using this technology lets us produce labels tailored to the product.

Machine labelling

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