7 facts about Unilogo Digital Printing, or why it pays to order self-adhesive and sleeve labels from us

In the Knowledge Base section we will provide content concerning inspiring tit-bits from the sector, case studies describing the applications and capabilities of HP Indigo in digital printing.

In the text below we present seven reasons which, in our opinion, distinguish us from the competition:

No preparation costs

1. No preparation costs: The benefits of digital printing are the ability to print directly from a PDF file. It is not necessary to prepare the printing forms so that the correction can take place even before production itself and does not generate additional costs. The basic point to keep in mind is the proper preparation of the print file, information on how to do this can be found by clicking here.

Free trial print

2. Free trial print: You do not have to worry about digital printing when deciding on digital printing – you get the exact pattern of the adhesive label or shrink sleeve label by trial print. The quality of prints, colours and raw materials used are 100 per cent consistent with the target. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary stress and disappointment resulting from a discrepancy between your imagination and the end result. Sounds reasonable? We think so ????

Short print run order

3. Short print run order: do you manufacture short series of products? Are you implementing new merchandise and offering it in several variants? Or maybe you want to introduce your product in a new seasonal variant? Nothing is simpler – we undertake to print small and medium runs at attractive prices.


4. Finishing: In addition to “raw” adhesive label printing on the HP Indigo machine, we also offer refinements that affect not only the visual aspect but also the label resistance. We are talking here about varnishing, laminating, gilding and embossing.


5. The ability to personalize self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeve labels: digital printing enables the production of a variety of personalized label designs for promotional purposes. By using HP Indigo machines you can see that literally each of your labels will be unique.

Short turn-around time

6. Short turn-around time: between 3 and 5 working days.

Our customers

7. Our customers include: Danone, Dr Irena Eris, AMBRA S.A., Joanna, Lotte Wedel. Apart from the aforesaid brands, over 1,150 companies have placed their trust in us.


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