3D Digital UV Varnish - A Breakthrough in Embellished Label Printing

Market empathy and our efforts to ensure competitive solutions have led us to install the first JetFx module in Poland, which allows for exciting new label embellishments using a 3D UV digital varnish.

jetfx digijet

This innovation will help you create the very premium product that you’re after - an embellishment that stands out visually and can be felt under the fingertips is an excellent opportunity to attract consumer attention.


The purchase of the JetFx DigiJet is our contribution to extending the repertoire of possibilities for self-adhesive label embellishments in small and medium print runs without any additional costs or long execution times.

jetfix digijet module

Is label embellishment expensive and does it draw out lead times for the printing of self-adhesive labels?


Sometimes ambitious label designers come up against obstacles preventing them from executing their ingenious project assumptions:

-       High costs related to the production of the polymers or printing plates and dies and

-       Extended lead times due to the above.

In fact, low self-adhesive print runs (e.g., due to different tastes and smells of the product) may turn out quite the logistics undertaking! Gold or silver label embellishments using hot foil stamping, for example, require the purchase of custom dies. If the embellishments were to be on several variants of the label and in different positions on the label, this would increase the costs of production even further.


The answer to these challenges is the embellishment option using 3D varnish. This is because polymer bases are no longer required and all that is needed is the design, similarly to selective varnish.

labels with 3d varnish

Raised varnish on a self-adhesive label?

Digital 3D varnish embossing gives a raised text effect on the label thanks to the selective application of varnish on the design in question.


 The 3D varnish allows certain elements of the design to be accentuated - this could be the logo, the name of the product, or a selected element of the design, giving a 3D type raised effect and texture.

Once placed on the label, the digital varnish is cured with UV light.

The main advantage of this solution is no pre-press costs and short execution times. Also, printing plates are no longer required.

3d varnish label

Other Print Embellishment Methods

Digital 3D varnish is just one of the label embellishment options. At Unilogo Digital Printing, we also offer other possibilities that will make your label stand out. One example is silver-coloured foil used to accentuate the metallic finish on selected print elements. Other label substrates can be enriched using silver-coloured paint which, after being overprinted in yellow, will produce a gold effect.

We also offer gilding using the hot stamping printing technique.

May the options outlined above serve as pointers for choosing the right label embellishment technique for you and compiling the most suitable options.


What you can count on when working with the Unilogo Digital Printing House?


Capturing consumer attention is one of the key goals of marketers, graphic designers and sellers.

If you are responsible for product development - 3D varnish label embossing is now at your disposal.

Contact us to arrange your free consultation - we’ll advise you on how to capture the hearts and minds of your customers!

Maciej from UDP


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