Digital print substrates

Find out more about the materials available in our printing house.

Thanks to HP Indigo digital rotary machines being used in our company, we can offer our clients hundreds of printing substrates. The machines we use are able to print on nearly every substrate available on a roll. It is most important that the thickness of a given material falls within 15 – 400 microns, which in practice translates into the ability to use very thin foils e.g. for external protection of cartons (often colloquially called cellophane  ;-) , but also very robust solid board. Somewhere between those thinnest and thickest substrates there are adhesive materials used for e.g. production of labels or lamination of solid board subsequently used for cartons and boxes.

The most basic division we can apply to adhesive materials is:

Then, we can divide e.g. foils into:

  • white
  • metalized
  • transparent
  • special

We can also apply division by glues, where a not exactly correct but quite simple division into glues is often used:

  • standard: basic, acrylic, permanent (binding permanently),
  • strong: strong, often resin glues usually with high initial tack (they work faster, which facilitates e.g. application on difficult surfaces, in low temperatures or on slightly dirty packages)
  • special: here we could list a whole range of glues for non-standard application, we mean e.g. removable adhesive materials used for production of open – close labels, glues for products stored in refrigeration conditions and even deep-frozen ones, hard-to-remove glues used for protective labels and preventing removal of the label from a product without leaving obvious traces, and many others.

We have created a fan-deck of basic substrates available in our printing house “right away”, which includes:

  • PE white foil
  • PP-type no-label-look transparent foil
  • metalized foil
  • papers in fluorescent colors
  • decorative raw materials like black matt stained stock paper and craft-type papers
  • and examples of embellishments with varnishes and laminates.

The fan-decks can be picked up personally in our company housed in Piaseczno, or ordered free-of-charge via the form on our website.

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