Durable and eco-friendly self-adhesive labels for Jozka cosmetics created by Dary Natury - is it at all possible?


Our portfolio of customers includes Dary Natury. This is a brand that has been reaping the benefits of using organic ingredients for several decades now. This point of view is particularly cherished at our digital label printing house. Why? We operate with the most environmentally friendly printing technology available, ensuring no toxic gas or waste emissions. You can also find recycled raw materials in our collection of printing substrates. How did the paths of our self-adhesive label printing house and Dary Natury cross? Where did the inspiration for the design of the labels come from? How were we able to contribute our part to making this project a reality? Find out the answers to these questions below!

ekologiczne etykiety na kosmetyki

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Cosmetics labels - challenges


Oily formulations, storage in damp conditions in the bathroom – all of these make up just a fraction of the challenges facing cosmetic labels. The labels should be made of moisture- and water-resistant materials - the bathroom is a place with high humidity. Cosmetic labels printed on suitable materials and additionally protected with a layer of laminate become resistant to the previously mentioned adverse external factors. The combination of digital printing technology, the selection of a dedicated raw material, and the laminate - all this makes it possible to create a durable and aesthetically pleasing print that can withstand quite a lot. ;) The legibility and durability of such labels is one of the main aspirations of cosmetic brand representatives who turn to digital self-adhesive label printing houses such as Unilogo Digital Printing. Meeting the above criteria enables the printing of cosmetics labels that are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. As a result, this helps to contribute to building a more positive brand image.


Cosmetic product labels for Dary Natury - beginnings


One company we have helped to achieve the desired results is Dary Natury. We were able to find out more about this cooperation thanks to one of the creators of the JOZKA cosmetics line, Ms. Anna Angielczyk.


How did the idea for establishing the company come about?


Dary Natury has been operating in the organic food market for more than 30 years. Based on our herbal knowledge and the availability of unique raw materials, we decided to create a brand of organic cosmetics. We have based our recipes largely on traditional herbal literature.


Who buys Dary Natury brand products?


Our customers are certainly people who are aware of the benefits that nature gives us. They know that less is often more, that a simple natural composition also has its unique power. We also recognise how important it is to educate - that is why we endeavour to include on the packaging as much information as possible about the active ingredients in a simple, understandable form.

Check out Jozka cosmetics - these are all-in-one skin and body care products that rescue herbal formulas from oblivion.

etykiety na kosmetyki lazienkowe

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JOZKAKOSMETYKI


Where did the label designer get their inspiration from?


There had to be a reference to herbs in our cosmetics labels, but we opted for a minimalist solution. Most products feature an engraving of the herb as a key ingredient. It is also a form of education, because we can often find herbs in their natural habitat - in the forest or in a meadow - but we don't know exactly what they look like. In the Baby series, we decided on a label typically referring to children, but also with a natural element - a leaf placed on the head of the baby featuring on the picture. :)


Eco-friendly cosmetics labels - is it possible?


Choosing eco-friendly materials for printing cosmetic labels can increase the perception of a company as socially responsible and caring for the environment. An example of such a brand is Dary Natury. Drawing on the benefits of organic ingredients is consistent with the whole philosophy of packaging and label production. This is particularly important in an era of increasing environmental awareness among consumers.


How did Unilogo Digital Printing digital self-adhesive label printing house help make this project a reality?


When choosing a cosmetic label printer, we were very much guided by its portfolio - seeing how many cosmetic projects it had completed, we were confident that the material for our labels would be chosen appropriately and that we would get the desired effect. Also worth mentioning is the easy contact and speed of delivery. Here, too, we have all the aspects of good cooperation.


What made you decide to choose rPe eco-foil?


Here, the advice of our customer manager, who guided us through the process of choosing the right material, was crucial. When creating eco-friendly products, it is important, whenever possible, to select the best solution for the environment.

The rPe80 Top White foil that was used for this project has the same durability as its “traditional” counterpart.

drukarnia etykiet na kosmetyki

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JOZKAKOSMETYKI


Test eco-friendly materials at Unilogo Digital Printing, digital cosmetics label printer


Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues. This in turn translates into their daily purchasing decisions. Printing cosmetic labels on eco-friendly materials can therefore contribute to making products more attractive in the eyes of the end consumer. Eco-friendly materials are usually produced from renewable raw materials or with the addition of recycled material, which reduces the negative impact on the environment. At our digital label printing house, we can offer raw materials with a blend of recycled material. We provide free trial prints prior to each the delivery of every order. If you would like to convince yourself of the qualities of such substrates, we would be happy to prepare prints on materials with added recyclate. Order a sampler of substrates with added recyclate.


Recycled labels ensure durability


Ecological label printing materials are not only environmentally friendly, but are often of high quality and durability, which can help to reduce waste during the packaging and transport process. Printing cosmetic labels on such materials benefits both the environment and the companies, improving brand image, and fitting in with customer preferences.

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