Should the barcode be legible?

The answer seems obvious – we all want the barcode to be legible! But how to make it so? In order for the printing of barcodes to go as intended, certain issues need to be accounted for.

Czy kod kreskowy powinien być czytelny

First and foremost: if labels with barcode on transparent foil are be to put on colorful packages, it is definitely worth putting white underprint beneath them – otherwise it might turn out that the contrast between code lines and the package color is too low for most scanners.

Naturally, we always check the legibility of barcodes printed in our company – but we usually do so right after they are printed. It might happen that on a roll of printed labels – which is white background – the code is read correctly, but after putting it on a dark package, scanners struggle with it. And that is something we would definitely like to avoid!

This is why it is always good to consider what package the printed label is to be put on and what functions it should perform. Then then only thing left is to ask an experienced printer for advice – they will definitely recommend the right technology and help avoid traps.


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