Sol Invictus – limited edition of Perun beer

During our continued collaboration with Perun Brewery we had the pleasure of creating a limited edition of self-adhesive labels for Sol Invictus beer.

Perun is a young, but already well-established brewery making waves in the beer world. In 2016 and 2017, it received medals during the Poznań Beer Fair.

Ms Iwona Mojsa-Grzybowska, Development Director, told us about the creation of this special line.

How was the idea to create a special line of beers born?

Our brewery has been co-operating with the metal band Behemoth for nearly three years. The result of this collaboration is a line of beers brewed especially for Behemoth, bearing common labels. The individual editions so far include: Sacrum, Profanum, Heretyk, Bafomet, Fenix, Walpurgia and Sol Invictus. The last beer – Sol Invictus – will be released once a year (in December), on a special order of Behemoth – to celebrate the Sol Invictus festival. It will be just a small brewing batch, hence the “limited version” designation. Last December, the release coincided with Behemoth’s concerts in Progresja (14 and 15 December), and for this reason the launch took place there. The beer is also available in shops but one should search for it primarily in stores offering craf brews. Other beers made for Behemoth are available all year round, with some sold in specific periods only.


How did Unilogo help implement this project? What determined the choice of the label supplier?

Unilogo printing house was chosen by us for this project for a reason. Our previous joint projects for CD PROJEKT or GOG were very successful. In the case of Sol Invictus, due to the limited amount of beer, we wanted the label to differ from our standard labels, printed on paper using the flexo method. We wanted a perfect execution here and a nice contrast effect of black with gold. Not without significance was the punctuality of implementation and the very considerable commitment of Unilogo employees in the projects.

Was the campaign successful?

The campaign has achieved the intended result, both the beer and the label have been received very well, so the decision was right :) In the case of the next edition of Sol Invictus beer, we will be sure to order more labels.

Where did the designer get the inspiration from?

All our labels for Perun/Behemoth beers are designed by graphic designers from Logotomia studio, with whom we have been co-operating since the brewery’s inception. They are able to get the feeling for our intentions and suggest interesting artistic solutions. The work on the label for Sol Invictus began with a conversation with Nergal – Adam Darski, where we established the initial concept of the label. The inspiration for the graphic designers were old engravings depicting the sun and a snake with the head of a lion. Actually, from the beginning, we knew that we wanted a specific colour combination – black, gold and white.

Thank you for the opportunity of this co-operation and please bear us in mind when launching the next projects! The HP Indigo digital technology allows cost-effective label printing in low to medium print runs. This, in turn, makes things easier when launching limited, occasional product editions.

The advantage for the manufacturer is that there is no need to buy tens of thousands of labels at the very beginning of production. Digital technology enables printing labels from as few as 100. The co-operation with Perun Brewery allowed for the creation of several thousand labels for a special occasion. Sounds simple? That is indeed the case. ;)

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