Colors in digital print

Digital print provides many opportunities, especially for innovative solutions. Depending on priorities, it may be used to save on expenses, increase quality or properly customize the product. See what colors you can use for digital printing.


CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) digital printing is based on a basic range of colors. About 80% of our printed designs are made by use of these four basic colors.


The W (white) color is often an extension of this range. In most cases, white performs a covering function, it forms a barrier between the metalized substrate and paint in spots where the print is not to be metalized. In other cases, it forms a background for colors printed on transparent foils, prevents the background from showing through the print paint. The white can of course be applied on a raster-basis (in an amount below 100%) or “wholly” in the form of solid fields (creating a uniform, non-translucent layer).


In case the design is demanding in terms of colors, we can expand the basic CMYK range by O (orange), V (violet) or G (green). This possibility allows us to simulate 95% of Pantone colors while printing on HP Indigo within the CMYKOVG area, even those that seem impossible to achieve using the standard CMYK paint set. Metallic and fluorescent paints are exceptions, as colored digital printing allows for their reproduction only by means of special substrates.

CMYK + Pantone

The CMYK range can also be expanded by Pantone colors. Not just simulated ones, but specific Pantone colors acquired by paint mixing. Using such colors is justified in specific conditions, when units are printed in large amounts, a given color is dominant in the project, and perfect color uniformity is most important to the client. Pantone digital printing by means of HP Indigo machines is used by e.g. the Coca-Cola Company for realization of campaigns involving product customization.


Using a color range truncated to CMY is a procedure utilized by clients driven by entirely different rationale than in case of the two solutions described above. Using such a color scheme is economically justified when we can afford to slightly decrease the print quality. In such a case, the K (black) color is deliberately not used, and achieved by means of the three remaining colors. A machine printing from only three colors works faster and uses less paint. Using this range makes the reproduction of colors less than perfect, but decreases the printing cost.

Color fan-decks

Exclusively for our clients, we have prepared color fan-decks made on our printing machines. Because both the fan-decks and ordered packages are made using the same machines and materials, we are certain the colors picked as early as at the design phase will be the same as those visible on the packages.

The fan-decks are available in three material variants, and their colors are shown on the following substrates:

  • white,
  • transparent,
  • metalized.

The color scheme can be selected from:

  • CMYK,
  • CMYK+W,
  • CMY
  • CMY + W.

A fan-deck can be ordered by phone, e-mail or using the form in the contact tab.

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