Star Wars-themed Coca-Cola bottle labels – a brand identity breakthrough

Unique Coca-Cola bottle labels have been released alongside the première of the newest movie in the Star Wars saga in Singapore. There is more to these labels than the unique OLED displays that light up lightsabres once the bottle is touched. The sheer quality of the labels is also worth pointing out. In order to achieve the best fit to the bottle, shrink sleeve labels made of made of heat shrinkable film are highly recommended for manufacturers.

Not without reason is “Star Wars Singapore” one of the most searched for phrases. Coca-Cola introduced modern bottle labels that light up for 5 seconds when touched for the release of the newest film in the Star Wars saga.


New Star Wars, New Coca-Cola bottle labels 

The Singapore branch of Coca-Cola, the global leader in the beverage industry, has rolled out unique 0.5 L bottles with truly remarkable labels. What attracts most attention is the effect achieved through the use of OLEDs – this is the magic behind the bottle. There are two versions of the bottle labels featuring characters brandishing blue and red lightsabres. Depending on your preferences that fit right in to the newest storyline of the epic saga, you can stand on the Dark or the Light Side by reaching for one of these galactic bottles. The new Coca-Coli bottles have one drawback – only 8,000 bottles have been released with the limited edition labels and they are only available in Singapore. Despite this, it is still worth taking a closer look at these shrink sleeve labels harnessing the latest printed electronics technology.

Limited plastic Coca-Cola bottles with glowing shrink-sleeve labels in a box



Star Wars-themed Coca-Cola bottle labels – How they work

The characters on the bottle labels are holding lightsabres that actually light up! The high quality of the materials used to create the packaging command attention but this is not the only thing that demonstrates their revolutionary nature. When the label is gently pressed on the right spot, the  lightsabres light up extremely realistically! The producer and all the reviews of the first lucky users are in accord in saying that the lightsabre illumination time on the limited edition Coca-Cola bottle labels is as long as 5 seconds!

The illuminating effect comes from the unique design featuring label-thin OLEDs and an equally thin built-in printed battery. They’re extremely durable and allow the lightsabres to be illuminated as many as 500 times. The continuity of the illumination is achieved thanks to a microscopic open electric circuit that is closed once the hidden button is pressed on the label. Although this unique product is available only as a limited edition in Singapore, Star Wars enthusiasts will pay exactly the same amount of money for this galactic bottle as they would for an ordinary Coca-Cola bottle!


Shrink sleeve labels  - extremely reliable heat shrink labels

Are illuminated Coca-Cola bottle labels the step that will revolutionise the entire marketing industry? Widespread implementation of open circuits and OLEDs involves substantially higher production costs and also raises doubts about their environmental impact.

When looking for innovative ways of brand identity marketing, let us not stop at the latest Coca-Cola solution. An excellent example of innovation in the field are heat shrink labels known as sleeve or shrink sleeve labels. Bottle and can labels are produced from the highest quality PCV and PET film. Their main advantage is, as their name suggests, that they are heat shrinkable, meaning that the labels shrink at a higher temperatures to perfectly fit the shape of a container like a bottle. Every digital printing house and manufacturer of heat shrinkable film knows that these solutions are not just limited to bottles alone. Thanks to their mentioned ability to shrink to fit the contours of a given object, shrink sleeve labels are also suitable for unusual and complex container shapes.

Another thing worth mentioning is that shrink sleeve labels can decorate the entire surface area and can include any graphics. Indeed, there are no other visual restrictions to them than the conceptual framework of the graphic designers.

Limited Coca-Cola bottles with glowing shrink-sleeve labels with Rey and Kylo Ren



Shrink sleeve label printing - most popular kinds

Shrink sleeve labels, also referred to as heat shrink sleeve wraps, are available in many different formats and have vast applications. Here are just some of the kinds of labels that are available:

  • Full body labels,
  • Combo pack labels,
  • Bottle partial labels, and
  • Tamper evident labels.

The producer’s decision as to the choice of specific label depends on the intended purpose that it is to serve. All heat shrink sleeve labels provide the best visual and aesthetic effects due to their perfectly fitting film that does not distort the print design.

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