Self-adhesive labels on rolls with a printed design – what are they used for and what can they look like?

Self-adhesive labels on rolls are a convenient solution particularly when it comes to the large-scale production of labels. This is because it speeds up the packaging labelling process and improves production capacity. Digital printing technology ensures high quality outcomes and fast turnaround times – what’s more, it is also environmentally friendly!

labels on rolls

Both self-adhesive labels on rolls and on sheets are available on the printing market. Which option to choose depends on the individual requirements and preferences of the Client. With self-adhesive labels on rolls, a labelling machine delivers high performance and maximum productivity.


How are self-adhesive labels on rolls printed?

Self-adhesive labels on rolls with a printed design can be created using any of the popular printing technologies. They include offset printing, digital printing, and flexography printing. The choice of a given technology depends on many different variables, including the target print run for the order and the preferred order turnaround time.

For example, for low and medium-volume print runs, self-adhesive labels on rolls using digital printing technology are the best option. Such a solution also allows labels to be customised.

The fast turnaround time, environmentally friendly technology, diversity of available finishing options, and no minimum print run requirements all speak in favour of using digital printing technology.

It is also worth mentioning that self-adhesive labels on rolls can be prepared on various different substrates. The options are not just limited to paper, but also include special films



What finishing options does a printing house that produces labels on rolls have to offer?

A good printing company that produces labels on rolls has many additional options to offer asides from the high quality of labels. During the printing process, various finishing options can be applied. Depending on the applied solution, the visual appeal of the labels or their resistance to unfavourable atmospheric conditions such as humidity, water or high or low temperatures are enhanced. 


This is not all, however, as there are also specific substrates that can offer additional possibilities.

Metallised film allows a decorative metallic finish to be obtained on selected elements of the label.

Varnishing and laminating effectively secures and protects the printed label.

The last stage of the finishing process of self-adhesive labels on rolls is their punching. Thanks to this process, the labels are given the desired shape and form while keeping intact the carrier material on which they were printed. Here, apart from standard solutions like round, rectangular, and square labels, we also have to offer die cut machines that can punch non-standard label shapes.


What can self-adhesive labels on rolls be used for?

Self-adhesive labels on rolls are the perfect solution for packaging across different industries. They are eye-catching and they carry information about the ingredients/components and application of the goods... in fact, it would be difficult to imagine today’s world without product labels.

Labels on rolls using digital printing technology are also used in the transport and logistics sector as they are ideal for various types of parcels.


How are self-adhesive labels on rolls with a printed design applied?

Self-adhesive labels on rolls are very easy to apply. The entire process is fast and easy when applied automatically using a labeller as this streamlines the packaging labelling process. What is important is for the labels to be specially prepared as labels on rolls. To do this, table labellers as well as advanced and automated labelling machinery are available. The whole process is carried out automatically. The use of such equipment allows for the large-scale labelling of boxes, bottles, jars, cans, and other containers and packaging.


It is definitely not the right solution when labelling large volumes of products or packing. If, however, we are dealing with small volumes, the hand application of labels should not pose any problems whatsoever. It is also worth noting that some raw materials, particularly ultra-clear materials, are especially demanding when it comes to the hand labelling of packaging.

Clearly, self-adhesive labels on rolls are multi-purpose and suitable for every industry. If you are on the label preparation stage, do not hesitate to contact us – together, we will develop the optimal label with the best finishing options for your product!


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